Dudas frecuentes

Which payment methods can I use? You can pay by paypal or by Western Union
When do I have to make the payment?

The payment is made only when you have listened to an instrumental fragment of the song and have reviewed and approved the personalized lyrics.

It may be a version of a known song Indeed, it can be a song by an artist or band known nationally or internationally with the letter personalized
What data do you need to make the letter

Names, dates, motif of the song, history and everything you want to express.  

I can give you a letter to put music on

Of course, we will be based on that letter to make a music of the style that you ask us

I would give it time to have it as soon as possible

Yes, you can have it even in a few days

I can really use all kinds of instruments

If you want you can test us. An entire orchestra and all kinds of instruments besides a modern band are at your disposal.