Custom Song Price                        

It includes:

- High quality MP3 and WAV recording to record on CD or DVD composed and recorded with an entire band, with all the instruments you want and female, male, duo, and choir voices that you can choose from our singers.

-Instrumental Version of the song, perfect to use as karaoke, in case you dare to sing it yourself sometime

-Personalized Video with 50 photos that you send us where you will hear the background song with the letter passing along with the images 

-A dedication with your voice that we include at the beginning or the end of the song.

-CD cover with the photos you want. 

-Sheet Music for printing.

-You do not pay until you approve the music and the lyrics with the changes you need.

-Delivery online through a link that only you can share with whoever you want and from where you can download all the material to prepare the gift.


¿Do you have any doubt?